Kangaroo Flat Baptist Church


We are located at 32-38 Church Street, Kangaroo Flat which is on the south side of Bendigo just off the Calder Highway. 

What to Expect...

At Kangaroo Flat Baptist, you can expect to be greeted by a warm, friendly atmosphere.  Our worship services are casual. 

Kids Church begins at the same time as the worship service.  Parents and carers are asked to take their kids to the Sunday School hall right next to the car park.  The parent or carer will be provided with a security lanyard which will be returned to the Kids Church leaders when the kids rejoin the worship service.  Occasionally, some kids might be asked to share what they have learned.

The worship service normally begins with a few worship songs and/or hymns after which the pastor, or other invited speaker, will provide a message from the Word of God as led by the Holy Spirit.

We believe prayer, talking to God, is an essential practice of worship. A time of prayer is held where the pastor or other leader spends some time praying for those in need and giving thanks to God for answered requests.  Some weeks, there may also be a presentation from a missionary or a mission the church supports. 

Communion, where we reflect on Jesus' death and resurrection through the eating of bread and drinking of wine (in our congregation, grape juice), is held on the first day of the month.  All those that have asked Jesus into their hearts and claim Him to be their Lord and Saviour are invited to participate.

After the service, everyone is invited to stay for chat over a cuppa and biscuits.

Weekly Calendar


10:00am: Worship Service / Kid's Church

2:00pm: Karen Service


9:30am: Ladies Come & Chat

7:30pm: Womens' Bible Study


7:30pm: Men's Group


9:00am: Prayer Meeting

10:00am: Bible Study


7:30pm: Prayer